Knife – Heaven Into Dust

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing Knife at the Rock & Metal Day’z festival. It takes place at the Motorsportarena Oschersleben and is one of the smaller but nice festivals in Germany. Recently they were signed to Napalm Records. I had a little chat with singer Vince Nihil and he mentioned the “soon to be released” new album. The wild speed metal performance of Knife convinced me quite a lot, so here it is, the review of “Heaven Into Dust”, to be released on 25th August 2023.


Hawks of Hades

“On black wings they fly, Hawks of Hades now will rise”

The opener starts with organ sounds. Whispers and an introductory voice are soon swept away by screaming guitars and Vince’s no less screaming vocals. The speed of the song is already neck breaking and very dynamic with some interesting breaks.

Night Vision

“A vision obscured – no hope inside, Night vision, night vision”

It continues without the organ but with more guitars. The drums push them to more speed. It is a perfect speed metal song, made to be played on the stages of the world.

Heaven to dust

“A cardinal of the apocalypse, a preacher on the throne”

The title track of the album and not one bit slower than the previous ones. I haven’t counted, 150 or 180 bpm? I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. The song features a short but infernal guitar solo and of course some blazing vocals.

Iron Sceptre

“We will strike, strike tonight, Red serpent of fire, devourer of light”

I don’t like to compare bands, but Motörhead and Judas Priest would have been very proud if this was one of their songs. Need I say more? This is pure f*cking metal!

With torches they march

“With torches they march, Bells of separation”

We slow down a bit. Time to take a breath. But what does “slower” mean? It is indeed a very powerful and mean metal anthem, so it is like slowing down from 300 km/h to 250 km/h to be honest.

Black Oath and Spells

“Like a seraph of filth, a deprived angel, A sister of Babel turned from the light”

Let’s say we’re back to almost top speed. Although very fast, this gem contains some fine harmonies and the guitar solo is just… remarkable, I can’t find the right word! It is a perfect song for a perfect mosh pit.

The Arson Alchemist

“The Arson Alchemist, I am the prophet of the end of days”

Again I have to compare… This piece of music is so much “early Metallica” that Knife should have given them this song. I’m not sure if Metallica would play it better though. The track leaves no room for lousy compromises and stands out for real metal.

A phantom invented

“Fight! A phantom devised, Preach with the sword”

Not many people preach with the sword. If they do, they might be members of the Knights of the Temple. I feel thrown back to the days of the Crusaders and the siege of Jerusalem. I see warriors on galloping horses attacking the hopeless and lost enemy. A great and wild melody.

Realm of Violence

“No friends, no allies – you’ve met your final doom”

We are still speeding. Red lights, speed limits, speed cameras, nothing can stop us now! Press the pedal to the metal until you break the chassis! This song is better than any energy drink, it will get you through the night without sleep on a 300km/h ride.


No gods in the dark

“For you there are no… There are no gods, gods in the dark”

I feel like I just started listening to Heaven Into Dust a few seconds ago and we are already at the last song. Knife once again pull out all the stops of speed metal. Rightly done and well done.

Speed metal is modern and alive

Knife are clearly the perfect example of modern, fresh speed metal at its finest while sticking to the original roots. The performance of all members is on a very high level. Screaming vocals and guitar, overtaken by a neck-breaking drum speed and caught by a thunderous bass speak for themselves. The lyrics are not for the faint hearted and so is the whole album Heaven Into Dust. I can only congratulate Napalm on this catch. And of course I can only recommend to give this famous album more than just one listen. Keep an eye out for tour dates, some are already planned but I hope there will be more.

Label: Napalm Records

Release date: 25.08.2023

Genre: Speed metal with strong influences from punk, black and thrash metal

Photo by Samira Chiara Tax

KNIFE are:

Vince Nihil – Vocals

Laz Cultro – Guitar

Gypsy Danger – Bass

Ferli Coltello – Drums


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Please buy merch and physical music or downloads  from the bands official sources and don’t stream music for free because it steals your artists’ income

Concert photos taken at Rock  Metal Day’z by Friend.X aka Mr. Deep

proof reading by DerminBoad

Knife – Heaven Into Dust
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