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From a ‘heart’-drive to FLAT EARTH – more than an exclusive interview

A couple of songs on Niclas' hard drive (or 'heart'-drive speaking in Anttoni's words) were the seed from which FLAT EARTH has grown. Are they newcomers? A superband? Veterans? Or hilarious geniuses? Former 'Heartagram' (HIM) instrumentalists Gas Lipstick (Mika Karppinen) and Linde (Mikko Lindström) joined the former Amorphis bass player Niclas (Niklas Etelävuori) and found in the Polanski singer Anthony (Anttoni Pikkarainen) their perfect match, conneting these grownups in his emotion club. Their first single, "Blame" will be out any moment. This was the band's first interview at all!... Read More...