What Is Metal

Metal is the focus of everything at obscuro.eu.

But what is Metal?

Make up your own mind and perhaps check out our features addressing this question. „What is Metal to you?“ is also a question in many of our interviews. For most of our interviewees Metal is way more than music though the music is the key, the root and the clue of everything else we associate with it. As such metal is diversity and in this we do believe.

And what’s Metal to you?

Exceptional – Marko Hietala On Stage (support: Oceanhoarse)

An excellent show, a true highlight, Marko Hietala - mostly known as bass player and vocalist of Nightwish - presenting his solo album "Pyre Of The Black Heart" with some of his old friends, Anssi Nykänen (drums), Tuomas Wäinölä (gui) and Vili Ollila (key) supported by Oceanhoarse - a fresh and energetic Heavy Metal band from Helsinki!... Read More...