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shining tribute to the good old days of basic metal

On The Memory Road with Domination Black’s “Judgement IV”

Domination Black's new album "Judgement IV" review: How about a ride on the memory road and travelling back to the glory days of basic metal? "Judgement IV" is a powerful tribute to the best of song writing and instrumental skill, plus passion in detail and quite some gems hidden in the lyrics. ... Read More...

Exceptional – Marko Hietala On Stage (support: Oceanhoarse)

An excellent show, a true highlight, Marko Hietala - mostly known as bass player and vocalist of Nightwish - presenting his solo album "Pyre Of The Black Heart" with some of his old friends, Anssi Nykänen (drums), Tuomas Wäinölä (gui) and Vili Ollila (key) supported by Oceanhoarse - a fresh and energetic Heavy Metal band from Helsinki!... Read More...