Glory in Black and Beasthammer

Gloryhammer – Beast In Black – Brothers in Metal

Schlachthof Wiesbaden, January 28th 2024

If one headliner isn’t enough for you, then go for a double headline show like today. Enjoy Gloryhammer and Beast In Black on their Glory and the Beast tour. They will be supported by Brothers In Arms. In arms? No, that’s a song by Dire Straits, of course, they are supported by Brothers Of Metal from Sweden. Founded in 2012 as a fun project, their visual style and lyrics are heavily inspired by Norse mythology, sometimes deliberately exaggerated as some critics say. On the other hand, some have also hailed them as THE true metal sensation of 2017. Let’s see and hear if we can find out where the truth lies.

Brothers Of Metal

In fact, they are seven brothers and one sister, which makes for a very crowded stage. Three guitarists, three vocalists, a bassist and a drummer need their space. The stage set up of the next band – guess who – which is still covered in cloth, reduces the space even more. One after the other the eight Viking warriors enter the stage for “The Death of the God of Light”. It is funny to see the whole band lined up like pearls on a string. And real pearls they are. They look like they come straight out of the TV show Vikings, although the band is a year older. You could find a TV character for each of the band members, starting with Lagertha and ending with Floki, if you know what I mean.

Vikings from Hell

The set itself is very visual, there is no fear factor, but a fun factor, as already predicted in “Prophecy of Ragnarök”. Between songs like “Njord” and the search for the “Theft of the Hammer” there is still time for the “Ride of the Valkyries”. More importantly, there is time for some “Prost” or, as we learn, “Skal”. Drinking like a “Berserkir” seems to be the theme of the evening, even if it is “Concerning Norns”. At least one of them is Skuld and it sounds similar to “Skal”. We raise another toast and pray to “Yggdrasil” before the set ends for these amazing “Defenders of Valhalla”.

I loved Brothers Of Metal’s set, good fun, not too serious show, but still very skilled musicians besides all the theatrical behaviour. Well done, mission accomplished, SKAL!


Now it becomes very clear that the first of the two headliners playing tonight will be Gloryhammer. The castle, now freed from its covers, leaves no room for any other imagination. It takes some time until the stage is ready, time to look around and realize that the place is very well filled. I haven’t seen a counter for the evening box office anyway, so the show seems to be sold out.


British Gloryhammer present not only their new singer Sozos Michael from Cyprus, but also David Hasselhoff, who is now “Looking For Freedom”. The “Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost” kicks him off the stage right after the intro and the namesake “Gloryhammer” takes us to “The Land of Unicorns” where we can all “Fly Away” with “Angus McFife”.


Just like the support band, Gloryhammer don’t take everything too seriously, but now they take us to the “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”. That’s finest power metal and a “Fife Eternal” that calls for the “Masters of the Galaxy”. And we have to hoot for “The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)”. You know the reason and you know the battle cry, we are celebrating more than once tonight.

On Fire

The “Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy” is setting the Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany, Europe, the world, no, the “Universe on Fire”, but be assured, the “Hootsforce” is saving us from “The Unicorn Invasion of Dunkeld” as the final track.

Castle hiding the cat

That was a blast of a show in front of a wild crowd. What do you want more? Exactly, the second headliner, even though it takes a little bit more time to change the stage set-up. Once the castle keep is removed, the mighty predatory cat drum platform is visible. What a clever trick to hide it this way.

Beast In Black

Once again we are treated to a rather long intro, fog covers the stage, we see faint beings slowly entering the stage and then it is time for “Blade Runner”, the opener of Finnish Beast In Black’s set. It is followed by “Bella Donna” and – nomen est omen – “Beast in Black”. And what a beast it is. Double lead guitars lead us through song after song. And I won’t tell you “Sweet True Lies”, my little “Broken Survivors”, because they all come from “From Hell With Love”.


Did I already mention the outstanding vocals? They really are “Hardcore” and invite all the lovers out there to a “Moonlight Rendezvous” with “Zodd the Immortal”. If you are not truly immortal, you might end up as a “Ghost in the Rain” on the “Highway to Mars” and if you are not “Blind and Frozen”, you will still “Die by the Blade”.

Wiesbaden night

We enjoy a fascinating night in Wiesbaden, but Beast in Back invite us to the next level of night entertainment, even if only for “One Night in Tokyo”. Well, it is not the “End of the World” after about 75 minutes, but the end of the show.

Judas in Black

Like the other two bands, Brothers of Metal and Gloryhammer, Beast in Black played a very enthusiastic, warmhearted show. Part of it was slightly choreographed but it was very clear and what the audience, the crowd expected. The fans wanted them to play and Beast In Black obeyed because the fans’ wish was their command. In many ways I could feel good old K.K. Downing, Ian Hill and Glenn Tipton proudly watching the interaction of the three string players. Judas Priest played to perfection by Beast In Black, and since they were heroes of my youth, I mean that as a true compliment.

Smiling faces

Three bands, one better than the other, no downfall or lame show, this is what a metal heart desires! It was reflected in the number of people who filled the venue. It was reflected in the smiling faces of the security. And I hope it will be reflected in the photos I took. Enjoy like I did enjoy this show of the Glory And The Beast Tour! Check the bands’ websites for upcoming shows!




Beast In Black


Brothers Of Metal


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