Nerditor’s Selection 2020

2020 has been – beyond any doubt – a year none of us can wait to become finally history. But it has been a year full of amazing new albums. Let’s have a look. 

We collected our top five albums which resulted in a quite colourful list and merged that to a playlist for you!

We, the Nerditors of proudly present our albums of the year (alphabetic order): 

AC/DC “Power Up”

Akhlys “Melinoe”

Aleah “Aleah”

Bring Me The Horizon “Post Human: Survival Horror”

Dawn Of Solace “Waves”

Dark Tranquillity “Moment”

Domination Black “Judgement IV”

Faidra “Six Voices Inside”

Five Finger Death Punch “A Decade of Destruction Vol 2”

Our TOP 3!
Illumishade: “Eclyptic: Wake of Shadows”  

Inquisition “Black Mass for a Grace”

In Extremo “Kompass zur Sonne”

Katatonia “City Burials”

Khors “Where the World Acquires Eternity”

Leaves Eyes “The Last Viking”

Mara “Self Destruct – Survive – Thrive”

Mercury Circle (EP) “Dawn Of Vitriol”

Mors Subita “Extinction Era”

Our TOP 2!
Lindsay Schoolcraft: “World’s Away”

Seven Spires “Emerald Seas” 

Sojourner  “Premonitions”

The Committee “Utopian Deception”

Waltari “Global Rock”

Our album of the year 2020!
Kaunis Kuolematon: Syttyköön Toinen Aurinko

Time to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the beginning of a better year.

Check out our album-of-the-year-2020 playlist for your New Year’s Eve living-room party.  

It comprises songs from all the albums we presented here plus three finest single-released songs released in 2020:

Alase “Poissa Silmistä”

Post Pulse “Unholy One”

Obligatory Human Destruction Cancer”

Happy New Year!