Engin, Dr. Nadja and Deco(ration)

MERCH – The Other Side Of The Table

Nadja, Engin and “Deco”

Great Expectations

Who has never dreamed about following her or his favourite band on tour or being a helping hand backstage, side stage or at the merch stand, the other side of the table? It is all so romantic, being with “my stars” all day long, enjoying tour life, easy living and all these things which come with stardom. Is that true? Lord Of The Lost gave us the chance for an insight during their Ensemble Tour 2022. At the show in Mainz, April 21, I was hosted by Nadja Müller who is their merch manager on tour. So let’s have a look and find out if your imaginations meet with reality! What the myth of merch – the other side of the table?

Safety First

First of all, I had to make sure to be fully vaccinated and get tested the very same day. The event itself had no limitation for the audience although Lord Of The Lost advised all to wear medical face masks on a voluntary basis until at least seated. Maybe even more than half of the audience followed this request. We ourselves would have to wear this basic protection all the time anyway. I meet Nadja in front of her trailer and of course I am much too early. After a short hello I take the chance for a short walk and talk to some arriving fans. Their expectations for this very special show are very high and they are indeed happy for the restart of real live concerts. Back to life, back to live!

The venue, nightliner and the tiny trailer

Completing The Team

When it is time to finally meet we wait for some guy from Kaiserslautern, Engin, who will be the full time local helping hand to Nadja at the merch stand. I’m the emergency reserve and might probably have more time to talk to people, take photos and just be the entertaining decoration. As you might have read in my concert review, we are first invited to watch the sound check of Finish Rain Diary, which is quite a surprise.

A heart and a soul


Still counting – the final check

Nadja picks us up to explain her system of organizing the merch. She has about 60 (!!!) different items in stock during the tour. They range from a sticker and signed postcards for free, t-shirts for 25.- € to a hoodie which costs 50.- € and even precious real silver jewelry for slightly over 100.- €. Altogether worth half a fortune and ready to be sold. Samples of most of these salable items are fixed or laid out so none can simply remove them. T-shirts are folded and stored according to sizes in cardboard boxes, the smaller items are stored in drawers. Most requested on top, easy to find. Everything is labeled. It’s quite a system and even an inexperienced assistant understands. We are introduced to the different payment possibilities: cash, debit card and brand new with this tour, PayPal. It is becoming a bit more complicated but not impossible as we will see later.

Trust and Lists

Doors open at 19:00 so we still have plenty of time for Nadja’s dinner and an interview. Chris Harms comes along for a quick hello and to check if everything is running well. He is focused but relaxed as he knows the crew and its members for ages, and knows he can trust them in every case. I trust myself and my memories less and indeed have prepared a list with a lot of questions which I loosely MIGHT follow. A German with a list is always something dangerous to be avoided, but for me it is the red thread to know where I can and will differ!


We have met here at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz, maybe one of the most beautiful venues possible for tours like this [Ensemble with classical instruments]. Do you usually have time to look around, realize that and do some sightseeing?

“Honestly not really. We crawled out of the coach at 11:00, breakfast, unload, etc. We have been to the Rhine and watched the Schloss from the outside, that’s it. On tour you’re mostly too busy and there is always something you must do instead. From the inside most clubs look kind of the same anyway. Ok here it is very different but otherwise they are just dark….”

How it All Started

Why do you do this job and how did you start it? What are your reasons for starting it?

“How? Simple, the tour manager [Manu] is a very good friend of mine. She did the merch for Letzte Instanz for a couple of years and when she changed into tour management, she asked me what I think about being her successor. So I called them and we agreed. In 2012 Lord Of The Lost were their support band and afterwards they asked us whether we wanted to work for them too.

So for ten years now!

“Not exactly because at that time they still were very small so Manu did the merch too but when they became bigger and bigger… When Manu became their tour manager, I took it over, since 2013.”

I think we can count it as ten years’ jubilee though, because we’re almost there.

“And why? Because it is a lot of fun, it is a compensation for my normal life. It is a very professional job with a lot of fun. You’re on the road with amazing people, meet a lot people. I like to meet people. Talk to them, make them happy, that’s what we do in the end.”

The Professional Company

Any other bands you’re doing merch for?

Lord Of The Lost is my main band, for Letzte Instanz I manage their web store, occasionally I come with them on tour and for Unzucht I jump in sometimes, Scarlet Dorn of course but that’s kind of the same as Lord Of The Lost somehow. Unbelievable but it still is only a side job for me though on a very high level.

By the way, how is it to work with Lord Of The Lost as a company, not only the band? Knowing them from their Social Media activities, they seem to be very nice, rather someone to sit and have a drink or talk with than tough business men.

“They are and must be business people for sure because otherwise it won’t work, they are a registered company altogether. Otherwise it won’t be possible in this size. Chris [Harms] is the mastermind of course with all the ideas, Class [Grenayde] takes care for organizational stuff and accounting. There is Hamburg Records which does the web store. So it is much more than just party, drinking beer and bubbling, that’s what we have on the coach afterwards. We claim to be good and professional.”

Honestly, otherwise it would not work in my mind. Now you have a tour, five days, five venues, tough!

Five Days, that’s nothing

“Ah, five days, that’s nothing, that’s fine. On a full European tour, it would be much harder. But it is always different every time. Yesterday was the first time in a long time so there was a bit more partying than usual. Everybody should pay attention and not go too far.”

I smile, No excesses as in “The Dirt” [biography of Mötley Crüe]?

Nadja laughs back, “No, these days certainly are over or just fantasy nowadays, puking on the coach’s floor is a no go so better pay attention and don’t overdo things. Know your limits, the next day you must do your job again.”

You’re enjoying tour life though?

“Yeah, definitely. The last two years were very hard in this case though I was in a lucky situation. I still have my normal job and was busy but something was simply missing.

And a “Normal” Job

Oh, what’s your “normal” job? Or it may be better to say your main job, because doing a band’s merch on a tour IS a normal job, nothing else.

“Ah, I actually studied biology and did my doctorate so a lot people call me “Frau Dr.” but otherwise I decided not to remain in research but work on projects, with people – again “people”! -, receive their feedback and all these things. Currently I work for a nonprofit organization as project coordinator together with adolescents. Educational, sustainability, art, conservation, trying out all these kind of things. [Sukuma arts e. V.]

Kind of social worker related?

“Yes, true, a bit. It is very diverse. We have a lot of Friday For Future kids. It is exciting when we come together with kids from other projects and youth house to work on common projects. That’s my main job, pays my rent, feeds my emotional hunger and everything.”

To me that sounds like a very good substitute for your missing tour life!

“Certainly, for the good of it!”

Busy bee…

Is it More Stress?

But now we’re back to it, you already told us [Engin and me] that we will have crowds of people coming to the merch stand at once, how stressful is it?

“As you say, three main times, all at once and at the same time. It can be very stressful but because it is the Ensemble Tour, once they are all seated and watching the show nobody comes out and we can have a break or even partly watch the show. Even at the rock shows we are not always in the same hall as the band plays but at the foyer. Otherwise there is no big difference between rock and ensemble show.  The general stress level is the same.”

Ok, I will experience it this evening… I laugh, so maybe next time you don’t need to ask me again if I would like to help.

Nadja laughs, even smarter, “Oh yeah, I am already sorry and apologize! 😛 When I am under stress I become a bit “bossy” but that’s nothing personal or angry. You just have your system you follow.” Yeah, fully agreed, I’m kind of the same, especially when an outsider “knows” everything better, looks like we work the same way in this case.

Let’s see, if the evening proves this statement right!

Lack of Space

By the way, what made you look for somebody local on this tour?

“Simple, we didn’t have enough space in the coach for one person more, so we decided to look for local supporters, though I prefer to have the same two-person-team on tour. But it was not possible. I am curious and was a bit anxious about how it will work today because I didn’t know both of you before. There are also nearly professional groups on social media in this case and we already know some of these people before from last time.”

So let’s wait and see if you still love us after the show or if we get banned! We three laugh out loud, we believe this night’s team indeed already fits together.

“Well, it is gripping, a lot of money is involved. So there must be trust and the right chemistry but I’m sure it works tonight!”

Time Schedule

Me too! When I arrived, a bit early but… You had already built up everything, installed, decorated, checked, counted. What do you think, how much time is needed until you’re ready? Do you have to do it alone, or is someone helping?

“Sure, for carrying the boxes there is always a helping hand. As for example today, we started at 11:30 with breakfast, restroom [Pullerpause], teeth brushing, etc. 12:30 load in by the crew, in the earlier days the band helped too but they should not break their fingers. [Nota bene: During the Ensemble tour 2017 Chris HAD one arm in plaster so there is a good reason they do not help moving the equipment anymore] “At 13:00 I start building up and arranging the tables, I folded all shirts again because yesterday was a bit chaotic. When was I ready? Hm, when you finally arrived I had done almost everything, just counting again, when was that?” Five o’clock [pm] “Yeah, about five, altogether about 4 hours but normally it might take only two or three hours plus counting again. At 19:00 doors open, show ends by 23:00 with two breaks in between. Afterwards 30 minutes to one hour selling again. Then packing everything together and at 1:30 the engines of the coach start and off we go.”

Sounds tough! So you must be ready by then or they leave you alone?

Nadja laughs “That would be fatal – for them and me, but no. And it is no problem to be right in time, dismantling is always easier and quicker than building up.”

I’m just thinking about it, of course that would be fatal, even by accident.

Funny Stories!

Do you have a particularly funny story during tour life that you can remember?

“People, tour life, let me remember. There are so many funny memories but wait, spontaneously… There are always funny things which happen. We were on the road with Dark House in Switzerland. One day we went hiking in the mountains with the crew and I only wore my combat boots. The day ended with painful blisters all over my feet.

In Aschaffenburg in the Colos-Saal, all the merch walls fell on my head during the show. I tried to hold them somehow and had to be saved from this predicament by the surrounding fans.

In Vienna during the European tour with Equilibrium we washed all our clothes on the off day. The entire band and crew sat on the floor in front of the washing machines and watched the spinning drums. A really glamorous tour life moment and certainly an interesting sight for the passers-by.

The last day of the tour usually is our Fools Day and everyone has a lot of fun playing pranks and jokes on each other and the opening act. When I was the only vegetarian, Hendrik and Bengt let a carrot dangle from a thread on the stairs above me while they were selling merch. Or on the Raining Stars Tour, I wore a silver sequined dress and crept onto the stage as a living disco ball at “Doomsday Disco” to steal the show from the guys for a moment. That was great.”

Engin, no time for funny stories but work, work, work

And worst?

“Of course the last two years, otherwise the worst is when you haven’t finished setting up by door opening time, or you are on a festival which simply doesn’t have the right groove, or the position of your merch stall is bad or it is raining all day.”

Rain…, how often have you been soaking wet at Wacken?

“Ahhaha, I’ve actually never been to Wacken, they have a centralized merch stand. But for example Castle Rock in Poland which is a very nice festival otherwise, it was only raining and raining, nothing but raining, all the merch was wet. We had to lay it out in the rehearsal room to dry everything a bit.”

Bad Stories?

But nothing bad with people?

“Not really. Sure sometimes some customers are obscure, but on the other hand side, we are a bit like psychotherapists, people want to talk about this and that and everything and can’t stop talking. So you have to excuse because you still have to work. Drunken chaps, etc. of course can always happen. In the past sometimes girls were even worse than boys. They looked at you and classified you until you fit into the cliché they had in mind. Like the merch girl is the lover of band member “X” or bangs the whole band and crew, all that nasty sh*t. They were vain and jealous. But that changed a lot through the years. Nowadays they know me well, are happy to greet me personally and even want to take pics with me.”

That was disrespectful in the worst way!

“Yes, for sure. And it is nonsense. Yes, sometimes it is indeed a girlfriend or wife who does this job but in the end it is a regular professional job as we already discovered.”

Yeah, like married couples who work in the same company. There is nothing wrong with it. Work is work, and you are lucky when you can combine it.

“True. I am still asked though “What do I need to do to get your job?” The usual answer is shagging the whole crew and you got to start with the coach driver.” Nadja and me laugh, the face of the inquisitor after that answer is too funny in the imagination.



When I arrived, the catering was delivered, the plates with the salad, fruits, etc. It already looked delicious. How is the food on tour basically and in general?

“Meanwhile we have real quality food. I brought in what I do at home. We eat very “green” and sustainable. We decided together to live on a vegetarian diet on tour. It is healthier. We avoid one way containers, look for glass and china instead of plastic, etc.” Nadja changes the subject a bit because sustainability really is a big thing for the whole crew and her in particular. “Same goes with our merch, it is all Fairtrade and organic. The band wanted it, I wanted it. We all had that desire so we made it. But back to food, the food is good nowadays. Yesterday it was excellent though I could not eat that much. Time schedule was tight and someone brought me a selection of the buffet to eat at the merch stand. Today I will leave you alone for a moment so I can sit together with the others for dinner, but it often happens that I eat at the merch area.”

Engin, the “Local”

Engin ready to take action

I turn around, so far I have left out Engin, the local support at the merch stand and he has his story to tell as well. Engin, you are the local merch guy today, how did you hear about and get this job today?

“Actually it was my girlfriend who read about it on the Social Media channel of the band and she told me to apply for it. I have a little experience in this case, worked at the merch store for a band at Mannheim two years ago. Three or four days later I got the confirmation of it. I’m really excited now. My girlfriend didn’t apply herself because she needs and prefers to see the band instead. Well, I have to peek through the door to see.”

Nadja falls in: “As I already explained in the beginning, when we have nothing to do, we always find the time to watch parts of the concerts, even if they are behind closed doors like this time. There are always venues where you stand outside of the concert room, even for the rock shows. Then it is more difficult but not impossible. When doors are closed due to noise protection you notice nothing. On the other hand, when the merch stand is in the same room you become hoarse quite fast because you must shout. Both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages, but I clearly prefer to be inside. I like the music, I like the guys, I want to see them!”

More About Food

Now it is time for super patient and certainly very hungry Nadja to sit down for   dinner with the others. Time for a little break for Engin and me too. We reflect on what Nadja explained us, what is in which box or drawer, and feed some human needs.

Nadja returns much quicker than we expected, still has her plate filled with food, some dessert as well.

Looks delicious! What do have on the plate, looks Mexican?

Oh well, no, these are some vegetarian Maultschen [some kind of traditional Swabian small filled dumplings made out of pasta dough], a selection of different salads and some Tiramisu.

We talk about some German food specialties most other people won’t understand anyway, before we raise the next topic on my inglorious list, storage and logistics, whilst Nadja enjoys her meal.

Storage and Logistics

“I’m not in charge of the storage. We have Hamburg Records as a company which does all that stuff, the web store, production, etc. For Lord Of The Lost I only do the merch sales on tour. For Letzte Instanz I do the web store too, but it is less items. We have more than 60 items with us on this tour and we still left some pieces behind. It really piled up during the last two years. OF COURSE the second guy yesterday asked for these missing items.

What about logistics on tour, who decides what will be sold and what remains on the shelves?

“We sit together and discuss it, of course I have a say because I know best what is selling or not. Chris, Class, the merch producer and me decide.”

Class seems to be the big accountant of the band…

“Someone has to do it. He grew with it. He is very reliable and thorough. Either you have the skills for it or you keep your fingers away from it.”

You said, you have about 60 items on board this time. When it comes to ideas or new products, how much are you involved?

“People often ask at the merch, couldn’t you do this, over that etc. So, you must have an open ear and a radar for it. That’s what I consider and I give the information to the band. But in the case of design and development I’m not involved. Chris does all these things: motives, lettering, it is all created by him. He is the mastermind behind most of it. His output is enormous. I believe without this output, he would die. He would simply burst into pieces because he is overfilled with ideas.”

Will the incomers buy some “green” merch?


You already mentioned that you are all for sustainability. Does that mean local producers, short ways or what are you looking for?

“First we look for the fair trade signs. Cotton must be organic. It is all GOTS approved for example. You can have the blanks in different qualities which we checked, there are countless producers. Before we changed it, we had another producer with very thin material und were quite unhappy. Now it is a really good, soft and solid quality, touch it yourself! By the way, we also sell a lot of vinyls. Even their raw material is recycled.”

I do and she is right, remarkably better quality than usual, promising to last way longer than just one show or season.

“We even asked for several short run sample productions to check the quality not only of the blanks but printed, you know ink can smell ugly and when a shirt doesn’t lose the smell after the laundry it is wasted money. Allergies are a topic in this case, skin irritations, etc. We tried it all out. Now we are indeed very happy with our producer.”

Raised Costs, Raised Prices

And it still is affordable, we’re still far away from, let’s say, 50.- € a shirt…

“True, but if you look at the really big groups…, they are already there. When we will tour with Iron Maiden this summer, I believe, they sell theirs for this price.”

Engin agrees “When I look at these prices at the two merch stands here, they are very fair and at the lower limit”. He dots over to Rain Diary as well. “I’ve been to Sisters Of Mercy not too long ago and I paid much more. And they are not that big anymore. Just the name and the glory of the old days.” Nadja adds: “Of course one must calculate, the profit margin still must be acceptable. But when we said we want to pay attention to sustainability and fair-trade it was clear that we most certainly won’t have it for free. So when we changed the producer of the blanks and had to raise the prices, we also communicated and explained it this way. Nobody complained so far.”

The way I see it, if you dispute a shirt price of 25.- € instead of 23.- € or 50.- € for a hoodie instead of 47.- €, you might be on the wrong end anyway or may have understood something.

“Again true, and the merch is more or less the only thing which still makes money for the bands on tour, most other things mainly cost money instead. Some people seem to forget this. But as I said, so far none complained about the prices.”


During the interview we indeed spoke about all topics I thought of, we already spoke about some before the interview and might continue talking later on. We now have ten minutes until doors open, last chance for the very last recheck of all numbers, the restroom, or a cigarette for the three us before all hell breaks loose at the merch stand…

Ready, Steady, GO!

Rebecca and Michael, aren’t they lovely?

When the clock strikes 19:00, we are ready. I position myself behind the unmanned merch stand of Rain Diary with my camera ready for pics of interesting people. They start dropping in. Of course, I inform everybody about being eventually caught on camera so whoever disagrees should probably stay away from me. It seems nobody cares and some really like the idea of the article and becoming part of it. Some first pay a visit to the bar, some just look around to check what is available. Others have exactly what they want to buy in mind. Many people check the quality indeed. Some ask for Rain Diary merch, which will turn up later in the evening.

We have a busy hour but the folks are disciplined, queuing up, patiently waiting to place their order and spend some money. What is new this time is the grab table, two boxes full of shirts and beanies for a very reduced price, clearance of the shelves so to speak. Some hidden treasures see the daylight again. I meet Rebecca and Michael in their perfect outfit. They found their three gems there and bought the actual Swan Songs III CD. As a lot of other visitors to the concert they voluntarily wear their medical face masks. Protecting the others means protecting yourself and is a sign of respect, awareness and attention.

The Mysterious Cardbord Box

Do you recognize the donation box?

Nadja and Engin are really busy but I would make it a crowd if I joined them serving. I’m left as a helping hand to hold a mug, a bag, a jacket, or a cape if people try clothing on, and I am happy to judge the fitting. I also have an eye on the displayed items to my left and in front of me.  A pros pos eye! Have your eyes caught the cardboard box in the middle of the front table? In front of the box, one finds stickers, originally signed post cards, and other smart gimmicks that are displayed and available for free. We ask people to voluntarily donate when they take these items if they have some money left over. Lord Of The Lost are collecting donations for people on the run, Médecins Sans Frontières. At the end, when we open the box we were be positively surprised about the total sum. THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Lord Of The Lost are involved in many social projects anyway.


Alice who made all the way from Paris

The mixed audience is way too interesting to be left undocumented. The dominating colour still is black in all its variations, sometimes applicated with a secondary colour, sometimes with embroidery but all and in common “très chic”. We miss the usual head banger-outfit and the Kutte, both seem to be No-Gos this time. One elegant woman caught our eyes in particular as Nadja and me will realize during our first break. She struts around, observes everything, and we both have the feeling that we already met her once. You will read about it later.

One of the people I am happy to assist by holding her mug is Alice from Paris. She made it all the way to Mainz, or as the French say Mayence, for this one show. She took some of the stickers beside the other merch she bought and donated all the change. I talk with her for a moment and, to catch her happy face, Alice removes the face mask so I can take this wonderful pic.

Jogger Crisis

After one hour and the bells ringing for the opening act we realize that the last hour was less stressful than expected. We need to bring everything in order, refold some t-shirts, and check the remaining quantities though. Suddenly Manu, the tour manager, and her assistant come in. They seem to be a bit nervous and in a hurry. Manu indeed is as she asks for a sweat jogger because someone is missing his and can’t find it anymore. Sadly, the joggers are all reserved for the merch stand at Berlin for a special surprise during the second part of the show, so none are available. We can only offer to jump into the next clothing store and buy one there. But oops, checking the time we realize that all shops are already closed. There is still no 24/7 shopping possible in Germany… Later we hear that the problem could be solved with a little improvisation. “Little” means, a smaller size and someone suffering a bit for a while. Being a tour manager means, you’re used to working with unconventional solutions, crazy ideas and cunning plans because a variety of things tend to happen.

Sophia and Timo

Father and Daughter

We still have a few minutes for Rain Diary’s slot before the next round of merch sales, psychotherapy for the loners and more nice people to meet. It starts with a very nice pair! A father with his daughter. Both dressed in black, both with white FFP2 masks for better protection, and both happy to be portrayed here. Sophia and her dad Timo, they bought two t-shirts. Sophia must be the same age as my daughter was when I first took her to a show of Arch Enemy, lovely memories. There again is the elegant lady in grey. I hold her glass of white wine while she is paying for the merch she bought. She wears a scarf instead of a mask as protection. I am happy to take a photo of her too but the bells ring again. Hurry up, time for Lord Of The Lost. Don’t miss what you came for due to a photo. There is always a next time for it. The stock left after this 20 minute break is almost zero. After a short overlook we are dismissed to watch the Ensemble Show, right on time. The show is amazing, and I am very happy for everybody in the audience enjoying the perfect entertainment.

Another Round

Rain Diary, still relaxed, still…

Back to the merch stand we await the next run, this time accompanied by Rain Diary. They have refreshed a bit though still in stage outfit and are happy to sell their merch and CDs. Two of them have forgotten their face masks in the backstage area but I’m happy to help out with my single wrapped emergency reserve. Several people have already asked for their merch so the stand is visited frequently. They talk with the audience, at least they are finally present. Some people still hope for Lord Of The Lost to join the merch teams after the show too. We explain that they won’t. It is unusual for them but they have good reasons. One of the ensemble musicians and a technician dropped out at the very last second due to Covid19, so both crew and band are forced to avoid contact with the audience as much as possible.

Ready for the merch orders

The Lady In Grey

Karo from Grenoble, the Lady in Grey

Now I have the time to take my pic of Karo, as I find out is the name of the aforementioned lady in grey. She buys some more merch and explains that she likes to be inspired, then takes another look around. Shopping for merch is entertainment.

Then we hear the well-known signal for the last part of tonight’s show. We check and refold what is left over, it is already a routine. We soon realize we’re running out of two items. Downstairs, it is already dark outside of course, we find the lock, open the trailer, find the right box, get the right sizes and amount and head back to our stand. Book it out from the magazine, book it in to the available merch tonight, fold them, place them, one hand works with the other. Once finished we take a breath. We realize we’re all sitting on the bare wooden floor now. It is a nice change to sit back a bit after more or less six hours of standing, and we are able to feel our feet again. We still manage to watch the last part of the show instead of falling asleep out of relaxation.

The Last Round

Then it is over, the last note is played, and we are back on track. People come a third time and buy “another piece because I forgot it” or “I wanted to wait until the end of the show because I was unsure”. We were right to fill in the gaps, people buy like crazy, even those who refused so far are now happy to feed their emerging appetite for memorabilia from the show. I find a moment to finally talk with Karo. It turns out, Alice was not the only French attendee. She even lives in Grenoble, which is indeed far away for one show. She works for Metallian Productions, a French booking and management agency. Karo tells me that she only knows the band for a few years now. She likes their complete and responsible attitude. Their music helped her a lot to survive the last couple of years. Metal is a healer and metal is therapy. Karo definitely breaths the Metal Way of Life.

Queuing up!

Packing Up

It becomes midnight. The foyer empties. The last shirt is sold, the last pic taken, we are ready to pack out seven things together. We are not in a rush but constantly busy getting everything done. 1:30 is the scheduled time of departure. We will make it, we are sure! Fascinating how fast and effective six hands can work. We load all packed boxes on little trolleys, and are happy for the available elevator from first to ground floor, and the ramp for the stairs outside. Carrying everything by hand would be a bit of a burden. Then there is the band’s equipment, even heavier, even more expensive, and much more sensitive than a box of shirts.


Engin and I end up protecting all of today’s earnings, that’s what I call trust. Finally, all our merch sits in front of the trailer. All that was in it had to come out too because the instruments and heavy equipment go in first for better weight balance. The legendary baggage Tetris begins. Not for me. It requires a specific person who knows what must go where on the trailer, and yesterday’s result needs improvement.

Goodbye Until Next Time

I wanted to add two photos of the empty trailer and the amount of equipment which needs to go inside to give you an idea about it. Sadly, the two original photos I took in the deep dark night did not meet our high quality requirements, so we cannot show them. Believe me, the trailer looked tor small, the equipment and merch too big, but somehow it had to fit in. I am dismissed after an extraordinary day with Nadja, Engin and all the lovely people I met today. My function was more of a decorative and entertaining role, less of a sweating, hardworking man. It gave me much more space for variation than I expected, and an insight into the work at the side, in front and back of the stage. The goodbye is very warmhearted. Nadja and me hug before I leave. I am curious as to what I will make out of this adventure. You can read the report about the show itself here.




Lord Of The Lost: https://www.lordofthelost.de/

Rain Diary: https://raindiary.com/

Sukuma arts e. V.: https://sukuma.net/

Please buy physical music or download it from the bands official sources and don’t stream it for free because it steals your artists’ income

Photos taken by Friend X aka Mr. Deep edited by Mummi-Katja.

Proof reading by Saber.X

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