Chatting with Sonia of Cobra Spell

As promised, here is the second interview with Cobra Spell, this time with founder and lead guitarist Sonia Anubis. Most of you might also know her from her fantastic work with Burning Witches and Crypta. We will of course talk about Cobra Spell and the album “666″. But we will also touch on other, more personal topics, technical guitar topics and talk about one of our mutual favourite bands, so here we go with Sonia of Cobra Spell:

Hello Sonia!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these additional questions after we  interviewed Kris recently.

“Hello, nice to meet you!”

I always liked your guitar cover videos on You Tube, do you plan to continue them once?

“I am not sure! Maybe in the future if I make the time for it! I am more focused on making my own music instead of covering existing music.”

What is your favourite track of the album?

“My favourite track of the album is ‘The Devil Inside of Me’! It’s such a fun song to play on the guitar, lots of guitar harmonies, fast riffs. Very enjoyable to play live too.”

Our Mutual Favourite Band

In our review, I made a lot of references to several songs of one of our common favourite bands, KISS. Did you stream the final show?

“I did not watch the final show! I want to remember KISS as the last times I saw them perform! Besides that, I am not that much into the live stream stuff. I’d rather watch a band play live.”

What do you think about it and the avatars?

“Not sure how to feel about that… I would have preferred that KISS had passed the torch to a replacing lineup consisting of young musicians armed and ready to keep the KISS alive.”

Who are your favourite members and song?

“My favourite KISS member is Gene Simmons. And my favourite songs are ‘100.000 Years’ and ‘Nothin’ To Lose’.”

Sonia and Gene Simmons (from her Facebook site)

Role models

Apart from them, do you have any role models and influences, no matter if modern or classic, even ancient?

“My biggest influences are Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Blackie Lawless and Rob Halford. I believe they are powerful people that follow their dreams and make their vision reality. I consider them a huge inspiration in my way of life. They are free, wild and powerful. And that is something I aim to be.”

I know there is a huge taboo

Why did you go for Onlyfans platform? Was it worth the step?

“For a very long time I have been very intrigued about expressing a more wild side of me. I don’t believe in limits or taboos when it comes to expression, sexually in specific. I feel comfortable showing my body to others and I like to use my body as a tool to express my art. OnlyFans allows me to monetise a passion of mine, which is making pictures in a sexy and wild aesthetic, specifically if it’s 80s themed. I feel like a powerful 80s model vixen, haha! I know there is a huge taboo on sex related work, but I am trying to show that sex is an essential part of life and that everyone in the sex industry should not be disrespected. It was absolutely worth it! :D”

Guitars and Equipment

Which guitars are you using? Your favourite?

“I am using Jackson Warrior guitars! They are absolutely amazing guitars. My favourite is a Jackson Warrior WR1 USA Custom Shop Blood Drip. I have given it the name ‘666 Warrior From Hell’. It such a badass looking guitar, and it’s also a very comfortable to play. I have recorded all the rhythm guitars off the new Cobra Spell album with this guitar as the tone is so powerful, it has a very heavy wood, and that causes good heavy tone.”

Indeed, bad ass looking (from Sonia’s facebook site)

Do you use the same on tour and during recordings?

“Guitar wise yes, but Amplifier wise no. I always use Jackson Warrior guitars. As for amplifier I am currently using an EVH5150 100W with EVH cabinet 4×12, and a BOSS GT1000 effects processor in 4-cable method in the effects loop of the amp. I have a Sennheiser wireless system, D’Addario strings and my guitars are equipped with EMG’s.”

EVH5150 (Sample pic found in the internet)

Which tuning do Noelle and you use, different tuning settings?

“We both are using the Eb, theE flat tuning, which is all strings a half semitone down from standard.”

Getting ready for the show

At least, do you have a ritual before you enter the stage?

“I put on my make up, do some warm-up metronome exercises with my guitar, I do some plié squats to warm up by body, shake my arms, maybe some push-ups. Check the tuning, check the wireless batteries! Lots of little thingies! I like to be near my band members before the show!”

Thank you! I think, these are all my question for know, let’s hope for 2024 being successful.

“Thank you so much for having me!! :)”

Save The Dates

That was a lovely little interview with Sonia of Cobra Spell, even though only a written one, but with a lot of information. And don’t forget, this interview with Sonia was the kind of unexpected encore and as such, I value it a lot. What we did not talk about was the upcoming and already expanded tour, so here are the dates:



Cobra Spell

Sonia Anubis

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